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Myojo - May 2014


Myojo - May 2014


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level kawaii nya reia MAX hahaha

scan fav yg berdua sama amu tentu saja~
btw itu yang bareng sama dek kaoru,adek sebelahnya belahan bajunya kurang panjang.. -__-


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Crea tidbits 5/25-26 (Bakaleya4 w/ noon boyz & MariSou+SB)
25th noon show, talk about Kasuka na Kanojo. Sanada said "I'm watching it!", while Nozawa was like "You really beat Iwahashi, right!", "Yes I did," Shintaro said with a triumphant look. "And you were bad at soccer," Kouchi put in, to which Shintaro answered all nonchalantly, "because I hadn't done it for two years."
25th noon show, during the MC, Shintaro was asked what he's been up to recently. "Recently, I've become able to drink vegetable juice! Also, when going to eat yakiniku, I properly eat salad, too", to which Juri "Until now, you ate nothing but raamen and meat, right."
25th noon show, after isu tori game Itsuki-kun from Jr Boys was asked who his favorite senpai in that show was, and he answered Shintaro, to which Shintaro was all "Yay~". The reason was because at HSJ concert, during catering, there had been only one natto portion left, and Shintaro had given it to him.
25th evening show, during MC, Shintaro randomly started dancing EXILE's Rising Sun. When he later started again, Kouchi joined him.
25th evening show, Shintaro said that lately he's eating nothing but ice cream and advertised the new 31 campaign. When Shintaro asked Sanada what he got when going to 31, Sanada answered a bit shyly, "I ordered Shintaro's set!" to which Shintaro gladly was, "Yay♥"
25th evening show, they were talking about typing on computer. Sanada said he does touch typing, to which Kouchi was like "Eh, I use two fingers when typing", and Shintaro, "Me too!"
26th noon show, Fuma was a guest, and when Shintaro came on the stage, Fuma was like "ah, Shintaro, some time ago, I read the Crows [manga] volume you had in your bag."
26th noon show, Sou said that he's the same age with Shintaro, and the audience went "Eeh!". Juri was like, "Shintaro, you're ossan, aren't you!" to which Shintaro was like "hey, I'm still 15!" A bit later, when Juri said he and Kishi are the same age, both on their last year in high school, Shintaro got his revenge and went "Juri, you're ossan, aren't you!"
26th noon show, at one point, Juri and Shintaro took off their jackets and started comparing their arm muscles. Juri's arms were super thin compared to Shintaro's. Juri was like, "Shin-chan's really like a body builder..."
26th evening show, during Bakaleya member's MC, Juri introduced Shintaro as "Morimoto Goritaro", while Shintaro called him "Tanaka Gari". (T/N - gori because of the muscle talk earlier)
26th evening show, after the Goritaro talk, Taiga brought up Hamtaro's opening song and started singing it with Juri, replacing Hamtaro's name with Goritaro.
26th evening show, for some reason they were talking about underwear a lot during the MC. Kouchi asked if the audience wanted to know the colors of their underwear, so the guys turned around and checked from their trousers. (Kouchi & Shintaro blue, Juri black, Taiga had some character pants his parents had bought him in Disneyland)
26th evening show, just before Shintaro's Bitter moon, Taiga was like "What kind of version we'll get this time? Gori-gori version? Goritarou version?" And then they all did a maccho pose before the song.
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Kawaii kedo, mou kakkoyoku natta.. :(
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Kawaii kedo, mou kakkoyoku natta.. :(

JJL#81 caps
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Okay, I just give up. After watching the ZIP of today I think I know what Johnny-san did there. I’m really surprised to see that even Morimoto Shintaro is out too. I mean, no offense but Jesse Lewis is less popular than him now. But unfortunately Kochi, Morimoto and Juri are always pushed in the back, everytime they are almost in the spotlight. Honestly, if thoses boys end up like “B.I.Shadow” or “Hip Hop Jump”, I swear, I’ll quit right away.

what do you mean by “Shintaro is out too”? out from where? what did you see in the ZIP today? care to elaborate?